Geo Go-Go Top Dress in Black

$ 59.99
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The Geo Go-Go doesn’t wait in line. She’s the unpredictable, free spirit that embodies modern glamour. She’s the toast of the V.I.P. lounge, the dancing goddess in the hot Cuban night, the lioness out to play.


Oriental inspired, hand-painted designs crisscross on intricate lines that cut, curve and transform into shapes that hug the body.


Accentuate the Geo Go-Go with loud heels and nude legs or high boots. Pair it with leggings and heels to rock as a top.


The Geo Go-Go is a slap to the face of symmetry. It creates a catwalk on a busy, city sidewalk and leaves the passing faces with one burning question…who is she?

Design Colors:
Black and White

Fabric Content:
*70% Rayon
*30% Polyester
*Hand Wash Cold



Made In USA

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Why are our designs so unique?

Unlike mass-produced fashion, Shaveli’s designs come alive through a long, highly-creative process:

We think the term cookie-cutter should never apply to fashion.

We stay away from pre-printed graphics.

We don’t follow fashion trends.

Our revolutionary design process involves weeks, of sketching, sewing, testing and re-imagining.

Our lines reinvent standard symmetry to accentuate the feminine silhouette.

Our graphics are created fit a purpose in a specific space, and then re-create it for each individual size.

Why are there limited quantities?

Complexity and innovation need time and patience to flourish.

We believe fashion mass-production kills the creative process and hurts the environment.

We don’t use sweatshops.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair wage for the work they do.

Our designs are crafted consciously in a small shop in Southern California

Our production is done in small, tight batches to ensure high quality control and reduce waste.

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